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Welcome to, a French chat video!

Here you can talk with randomly chosen strangers all over the world! Simply click on the “chat” button to start using the service. By pressing the “next” button, you are randomly connected to a new user, so you can engage in conversation with a new stranger every time!

Originality and quality service are our top concerns!

Camcamcam has the fastest execution speed and the largest number of users among all the French-speaking chat video sites (random webcam-based chat sites). The strict moderation and quality service on the site guarantees you a unique experience in connecting with the world in a random manner on the internet! Try the other chat video sites and you will see a significant difference!

Would you like new features in your favourite service?

We do all that we can to provide a service that works well and runs smoothly. The moderators are constantly working hard to maintain our quality service and we are all ears when it comes to your comments and suggestions! There will also be new games on camcamcam! Soon you will be able to play poker, games that remind you of your childhood and the latest top video games in the world! You can have all this in front of your webcam and with thousands of new partners online. The video games and random real-time discussion by geolocalisation algorithm will only be the beginning of a new and exciting experience!

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